What is a good deck cleaner?

Question by zyloa: What is a good deck cleaner?
That works as well as armor all “E-Z DECK WASH”???
For a composite deck

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Answer by t-rexs
we don’t use chemicals – they pollute the environment

we use a power washer with only water – the power washer blows it off clean and the water waters the grass, no harm

power washers are cheap, about $ 25 for a small one up to 100 for a decent one, and you can use them for lotsa things, wash the car, the outside of the house, the lawn furniture, the fence, etc

if you don’t want to purchase one then rent one

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Swabbing the decks 9353
deck cleaning
Image by casch52
After a days fishing a deck hand swabs the deck.

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  1. aras01 says:

    Love the touches of vibrant colors here and there in this shot. The turquoise boat is particularly striking.