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The advantages of selecting Deck Restoration services

Having a deck is something that will most of the times let you in on a lot of work and you will certainly want that the ones who will get to walk on it, to be impressed not only by the way it looks, but also by the way it feels under their feet. Wood […]

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San Diego Wood Deck Restoration

At San Diego Deck Cleaning, we can provide Wood Deck Restoration with our patented power wash system. Often you don’t need to re sand or re-finish your deck, Deck Restoration can occur with a professional power wash. Contact Deck Cleaning San Diego to find out how we can make your deck look like new! Call […]

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San Diego Wood Deck Refinishing with Pressure or Power Washing

San Diego Deck Cleaning and Refinishing can wash your wood deck with our unique power washing system. If you have a dirty or weathered deck – redwood deck, cedar deck, Pressure-Treated Pine deck or regular pine deck (it doesn’t matter) our system will work for you! Our experts will repair your severely weathered, dirty, scratched, […]

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