wondering what is best and cheap to clean deck?

Question by Kathy: wondering what is best and cheap to clean deck?
I have to big decks off from the house and I was wondering if someone could tell me the cheapest way to clean the green mold off them i would like any suggestions anyone can give me the cheapest is the better. I want to stain them but want to clean the green off? THANK YOU

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Answer by pat7770
Cheapest way is to use soap and water and scrub away with elbow grease. Rinse really well and allow to dry completely. Most expensive way: hire someone with a pressure washer.

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  1. inmate says:

    mix bleach and water 50/50 in a garden sprayer. Pump it up and spray on the deck and scrub with a brush if needed. Mix the bleach and water in a bucket and use the brush. Will wash off like nothing. Wood would need ot be sealed once per year. Apply Thompsons or other sealer. Can spray on with garden sprayer and roll out with paint roller.

  2. April_Dawn says:

    Hmm… That depends… However two cheap ways you could do it are as follows:

    1: Rent a Power Washer and clean the decks yourself.
    2: Armed with Soap and a good sturdy brush, use your own elbow grease to clean it.

    In fact, a combination of both would probably be best because I doubt either or would get every little spot.

    Good luck!