what is the best way to clean and protect decking?

Question by jon.cull3@btopenworld.com: what is the best way to clean and protect decking?
I have a problem with the trees dropping sap on to the decking and causing it to be very slippery. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by eagle
What type of deck material and what kind of trees? I have a large wooden deck with a red oak tree growing up through a hole. The tree was planted by my father so I didn’t want to cut it down. However, it is very messy with leaves, twigs and birds, but not so much sap. You can try mopping with kerosene or paint thinner and washing with soap and water. Of course, you will get some odor at first from the kerosene but it will wash away. Use a scented laundry detergent to help the smell. Also, be careful of fire until you wash the kerosene away.
If your deck is made of wood you can prevent it from being slick by painting. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle sand over it and add a second coat of paint after the first dries.
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  1. Jessica Y says:

    Hello, I work in a local lumber yard…what I would do in this situation is to use the deck cleaner & brightner made by Flood called Dekswood…becareful around plants though…this is going to basically remove the surface and ground-in dirt that damage wood fibers in your deck and and make the treated lumber look like new…then use CWF-UV exterior wood finish this is going to finish , waterproof and beautify you deck in our lumber yard we carry three different colors…Clear, Redwood, and Cedar! I Hope I was a little Help to you problem. Good Luck