What do you use to clean a skateboard?

Question by Mister Wilbo: What do you use to clean a skateboard?
What do you use to clean the deck?
The bearings? The wheels?
How often should you do this?


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Answer by mrsfaithsalas
Clean off mud and dirt with a simple damp rag, and use a soft bristle brush, if necessary. And check on your bearings. Usually, when they’re dusty, you can hear it.

Dirty bearings will add friction to your ride.
Here’s a website that tells you how to take apart ur bearings and clean them step by step, w/ pictures & video!

once you remove the bearings from the wheel,you need to soak the wheels in hot water containing dish washing soap. This helps break down the rust. Take them out after about 30 min. or so, then cover the stains in toothpast. Go grab an old toothbrush,rag, or a counter top scruber.Start scrubbing using alot of strength/pressure and keepin scrubing and adding on toothpaste until it is clean.

i’d say as often as you like, if you can put it away clean so that stuff doesn’t build up. but i think when they look dirty would be good enough. 🙂

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the cleaner, abbreviated
deck cleaning
Image by bunchadogs & susan [doing only basics]
a high of 94F [34.444] on my deck today; currently 85 [29.4C] in my bedroom.
it was cooler yesterday, but when leon went out to work this morning, zowie! hot time.
so I decided to clean my room, all the window grooves, the nicknacks dusted and the wood oiled.
I still didn’t get anywhere near finished.


polaroid; just a snapshot. no need to comment.

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  1. adidas-fan@sbcglobal.net says:

    Deck- Bottom, wipe with a damp paper towel to get any dirt off. Grip, Use Grip Gum to remove dust. You may need to use a small brush to get caked on mud off. (make sure the mud is dry) Then follow up with the Grip Gum. Clean the grip whenever it loses grip or there is a noticeable amount of dust built up.

    Bearings – Clean the bearing with denatured alcohol. Once they are clean, use a skateboard bearing lubricant. Never use WD-40, it leaves a dirt attracting film. If you are unfamiliar with bearing maintenance, check out http://www.bonesbearings.com/gap/maintenance.html
    Clean them when they start to lose speed or when they make noise, or don’t spin well. You also need to clean them if they get wet.

    Wheels. I never clean mine. You can wipe them off with a damp paper towel to remove dust. Be careful to not get the bearings wet.

  2. Kathleen Mercado says:

    Susan, this is precious and beautiful. I love it. I tried to clean today, too. Oiling the wood felt like building a pyramid! I gave up. 🙂

  3. .patriciannelizabeth. says:

    Such a great retro vibe here. As you dutifully clean.
    All my wood is painted now, so only dusting is needed.
    And that is still a chore. 🙂

    Hoping cool temps arrive soon.

  4. pegbp says:

    I was going to clean today, but took the dogs out to play instead.

    i’m wishing for cooler temps for you.

  5. Mei Todd says:

    i really love the light coming through the window.

  6. Mei Todd says:

    oh. those flowers…..i bought them at the market last Friday but they have no connection to my birthday (which is today). ^_^
    i have planned to stick some flowers to the wall some time ago….drying them…hmmm, you gave me an excellent idea now!! <

  7. paloetic says:

    I hate to dust even on a cool day! … this is great!

  8. Anita & Greg says:

    This is what I wear when cleaning too.
    Great light.

  9. Introspective_Photographer says:

    I’m really bad about dusting! I sometimes hardly realize it needs to be done until it’s too late! LOL!
    Very cool shot!

  10. Anders N says:

    A slice of life… Nice to see you, Susan!

  11. Neya photography - every portrait is a journey says:

    I love to see these scenes of life <3

  12. The Twins Cat says:

    Nice photo I love this.

  13. mirpetjac says:

    how courageous to clean with that temp! It is a wonderful photo, a very living self!

  14. __cpk__ says:

    great photo! I like the mood

  15. Gertrudsdottir says:

    the fine art of cleaning – even at sweltering temperatures. and the faded colors are fine, too. do try to keep cool, madam – here we’re on fall’s threshold already 😉

  16. white*rabbit says:

    A lovely self portrait – with much charm

  17. Tunguska RdM says:

    there is a lot of light in this photo, an element that distinguishes it from others.
    but the light is very soft and almost dense. vivid. and gives the scene an air of dream. everything appears suspended.

  18. dangeri.back for a while says:

    wonderful light, Susan. and, as usual, beautiful home scene.

  19. UBU ♛ says:

    Grande Susan! 🙂

  20. zanimo (ailleurs) says:

    what a huge cleaner! 🙂

  21. Sad Ferret says:

    Perfect light and perfect pins 🙂

  22. Shelly~♥~ says:

    I’m feeling a little guilty watching you clean
    and not helping
    I had my own cleaning service for over 5 years

  23. ** RCB ** says:

    Cleaning never ends. So I save it for emergencies, like when relatives are coming over.

  24. el mar(RR) says:

    Nice place

  25. d i a n e p o w e r s says:

    the light and color is so fabulous!

  26. nokkie1 says:

    29C in the bedroom, pffff. Love th light here.

  27. Κατερίνα [away] says:

    this is like coming from another time Susan
    blown away by summer light


  28. brown pelican says:

    I need to do that, but you are brave working in the heat! It will soon change. Happy continued cleaning and other fun things!

  29. Fausto Bufardeci says:

    Frammenti di vita quotidiana…

  30. cat-h says:

    1950’s domestic goddess, with awesome tattoo!!!

  31. Anonymously Nude says:

    you find the light in everything you do, even domestically!!

  32. Steve Taylor (Photography) says:

    I love the light here

  33. Mei Todd says:

    <3 <3 Thanks, Susan!

  34. dr.Ozda says:

    I do not envy you that heat, I’m glad ours is over.
    And "finished",at least around here, is more of a concept than a reality.

  35. Gerard Koopen says:

    Wonderful capture! Great atmosphere! Lighting is superb!

  36. g a b r i e l l e s w i n d l e h u r s t says:

    Spring cleaning in the heat! What possessed you, it sounds like torture.

  37. *~Yogini~Astra~* says:

    I love your tattooed legs

  38. photographic_consortium says:

    thanks for sharing

  39. anjeee says:

    lovely to see you, Susan. 🙂

    i am also battling the heat, and *should be* cleaning.