TEAC A-450 Cassette Deck cleaning & belt change

TEAC A-450 High End Cassette Tape Recorder “the Challenger” with Dolby System, less than 0,07% wow and flutter VU Meter with peak level indicator, full auto …
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  1. electron1100 says:

    Hi thanks for posting this video, I did a complete overhaul of all the
    belts and re-furbed the rubber tyres, I also changed the pinch roller, pity
    I didn’t have a brass centre one but the new one is excellent as the old
    one had gone hard and barrel shaped, these old machines are so well made
    and utterly serviceable, a credit to the designers and manufacturers

  2. zyga399 says:

    ,Good old school. My favorite is the Sanyo rd 5600 um (Grundig cnf 350)

  3. Thanos Mantas says:

    Any tips on fixing the pitch in this one? I replaced belts but still plays
    just a little bit slow.

    Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks for the video. 

  4. WANDER CURADO says:

    Hi,pease what kind of solutions do you use,such as oils,fluids, etc???I
    just bought one and the RW starts slowly and stop.Do think the solution is
    belt change?
    thanks for the video and answering.

  5. PawelAudioVintage says:

    I have the same machine, and I have to do the same , cleaning and belt
    change. Thank You for this video , it will be a lot easier. Best regards!!!

  6. 1marcelfilms says:

    Looks like a vcr

  7. Rob Hernandez says:

    You are absolutely right! i bought a set of indoor outdoor set of polk
    speakers for 30 bucks and they sound awesome..Also bought a Yamaha natural
    audio receiver for 15 bucks. I paired it with the polk speakers and i like
    how they sound. Hope to find a better cassette player than the one i have
    right now wich is a kenwood but newer model. Best wishes

  8. Rob Hernandez says:

    Where do you buy the oil aplicator Convair58 ? i need to oil the moving
    mechanism on mine. good video and very informative Best wishes

  9. whitbyjet65 says:

    Vintage electronics are so much cooler than modern stuff.

  10. 23v0lv32 says:

    Amazing! Thank you for posting this. I have a a450 as well that needs a
    tune up. Perfect video

  11. zyga399 says:

    Very good job,respect

  12. 23v0lv32 says:

    Also….what kind of cleaning solution did you use?

  13. 23v0lv32 says:

    totally. gets super addicting hitting thrift stores and getting excellent
    gear on the cheap and fixing them. their value only increases with each
    year as they get rarer