Old Wooden decking that hasnt been clean for a while?

Question by Kargin: Old Wooden decking that hasnt been clean for a while?
Im moving into a cottage with an open plan kitchen and lounge with wooden decking.. How do i give it a good clean before i move in. I also had a bit of a nose itch could this be from the decking

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Answer by sensible_man
A scrub brush and detergent will clean the decking. A lot less messy than a pressure washer.

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Sammi’s favorite deck chairs
deck cleaning
Image by Peter E. Lee
This photo was uploaded at Sammi’s request. Deck 4 was often uncrowded and peaceful, and featured these nicely cushioned loungers. Apparently Sam spent alot of time here, both reading by herself and hanging out with the other teens she met on the cruise.

Note the maintenance workers in the background — these guys were *everywhere* and it showed in how clean and "ship shape" everything was.

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  1. Steve H says:

    Edit is this decking inside the house???
    If so Don’t use a pressure washer.

    If it’s outside or well drained.
    Get a pressure washer!
    They will do in seconds what would take you hours by hand.
    They are awsome!!
    You could probably hire one.

    Karcher or similar (there are dozens of makers on the market)

  2. Wounded Duck says:

    CO2 cleaner is the best method

  3. takeleus says:

    This is one of my favorite places on the ship. No crowds and lots of nice chairs to sleep in. Ahhhhh, I miss the open seas.

  4. Peter E. Lee says:

    It really was wonderfully peaceful. Ever since that trip my son has been begging that we go on a Disney cruise to Alaska next. I must say that I’m sorely tempted…

  5. takeleus says:

    We booked our Alaska cruise to leave out on May 31st. Hope to see you there.