how do I clean my wooden deck?

Question by Dataman: how do I clean my wooden deck?
clorox mop brush

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Answer by sunkissed
DO NOT USE A POWER WASHER!! My friend did this, it ruined the deck!
She and to have it ripped out and replaced.
I’d go to the local home improvement store and ask. Or Google it

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Image by rooprob
Waxing Prep – ensure deck is clean and free of debris

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  1. Alekat says:

    Cedar deck – power washer, with a cleaner/brightener, on a low setting to prevent damaging the soft wood in the grain.

    Pressure treated wood – higher pressure.

  2. Obsean says:

    Just power wash it. You just have to be careful. You can’t get the tip real close or you can splinter the wood.
    Don’t let people freak you out about not pressure washing it. Only the stupid people mess their decks up doing this.
    If you hire someone to clean your deck, they will pressure wash it.
    You really should seal it about a week after it is washed and there is no rain.

  3. 18 gibbs 20 says:

    I power wash mine every two years. You only damage it if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s the best method…