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Deck Cleaning and Deck Staining (303) 591-4978 in Denver and Colorado. Deck cleaning and Deck staining, Deck finishes and restorat…
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  1. Eco Paint, Inc. says:

    @MrMldillman Thanks stopping by, cking out vid. Yes Mitchell, deck finishes
    has been a large portion of our painting business here in Colorado, as you
    know, most homes here have them, needing up keep on a regular basis.
    However, as you probably can figure, unfortunately the majority of
    population let decks go far…too…long before re-staining, letting wood
    start weather, having Gray and Black mold set in, but nothing for us to
    finish like-new.

  2. PaintingDenver says:

    Great results using the best deck wood cleaner!

  3. Eco Paint, Inc. says:

    @AgapePaintingInc Comment _gladly_ accepted from the Deck Cleaning,
    Staining, and Restoration Pros of Portland OR. !! Tons of Thanks J-!

  4. Mitchell Dillman says:

    Wow, cool video, nice work. It looks like you guys really do a lot of Deck
    Cleaning and Deck Staining all over Denver and Colorado…!

  5. Eco Paint, Inc. says:

    @dowdrestoration Tks. Jim! Think the deck cleaning and staining season is
    officially here, once again.

  6. AgapePaintingInc says:

    I love deck restoration, and your videos are an inspiration! 🙂 Thanks for
    showing us the great work you do. ~ J