Cleaning my room?

Question by Hollister Co ®: Cleaning my room?
I have to clean my room from top to bottom in 2 hours. There is clothes all over my deck, my bed is not made, theres school books, flip flops, a drums set, my droors are messy as hell so I have to clean them and fold all my clothes again, desk droors look like hell as well(Istuff EVERYTHING in there) Where sould I start!!!???!!!
Oh yeah, sorry about the typo’s. all over my DESK, and theres school books on the floor, so yeah.

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Answer by Tim
Throw everything in the closet, and lock it.

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Boeing KC 97 cockpit
deck cleaning
Image by wbaiv
Here’s a nice casual cockpit photo of the KC-97 at Castle Air Museum, formerly Castle Air Force Base. Open-cockpit day at Castle is a terrific event that I really enjoyed for years. We eventually slipped out of the habit of driving down for it, Benjamin didn’t really want to go into the planes, everntually, so we’d drive for 2 hours, walk around for 40 minutes and they play hide and seek at the main entrance of the old hospital before driving back. I got the point. Maybe this year, after a decade. I STILL think its cool!

The USAF retirees and professional airplane mechanics that maintain and show-off these airplanes are a superb bunch of people. They work for free, they do it because its the right thing to do and they want to share. One extraordinary day my brother and I were there and a mechanic who was doing something to the entry stairs of the B-52 let us climb up and sit in the cockpit. He didn’t have to do that, or let the little kids that came along ask little kid questions.

In this bird, the big fuselage hatch on the starboard (right) side of the fuselage, aft of the flight deck, (opposite side from a KC-135…) was open and one of those incredibly steep service laders/platforms gave entrance. So I hoisted Benjamin in one arm and climbed using the other hand… Once at the top we were greeted by the presenters and stood in a brief line to get a look in the cockpit. This picture only partially suggests how HOT it was in there in May… Sweltering. No matter. Thats why the hatch and every other opening was open to allow the mild breeze to do what it could.

The cabin was mostly filled with the big, cylindrical, fuel tanks, upper and lower, on the port side of the fuselage, on the main deck level. I expect they are baffled and or subdivided to prevent fore-and-aft sloshing too.

All the way in the back is the boom-operator’s station, and there were maintainer/presenters back there answering questions and swapping stories. LIttle kids were getting to climb down to the operators padded cradle I think, but Benjamin wasn’t interested.

I know that a huge museum with zilions of visitors every year can’t do this kind of thing, and that it takes a vast amount of work by the servicing crews to make Open Cockpit Day possible, in all three: Preparing, doing, and cleaning up after. We’re lucky to have people who will do it and enough official support the keep the effort alive.


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  1. chocolatebox says:

    Shut the computer off.
    Pick up the smallest/fewest things first.
    Go for it!

  2. glueball9 says:

    start with the stuff on the floor its easier to start from top 2 bottom

  3. KA says:

    dirty clothes in laundry, shoes in closet, strip sheets and start washer, hang coats, throw out junk, move drum set elsewhere, books in book bag, organize drwers, dust and vacuum. done 🙂

    PS Get rid of all clothes you don’t wear, yiou never will wear them.

  4. Luciana S says:

    the way you say it is, in only two hours, you can just “mask” it. Pick up stuff from the floor and try to put most stuff in the closet. Change your bed and try to put away everything that is not in proper place. The inside of drawers you should organized some other day, with more time.

  5. musicimprovedme says:

    Get yourself a trash bag, a laundry basket, 2 cardboard boxes, and a plastic box.

    Clear your bed by any means necessary. Then pile clean clothes on that, dirty clothes in the basket, trash in the trash, cardboard box 1 is for everything out of place in the room that stays in the room, cardboard box 2 is for everything that goes in different rooms, and plastic box is for dishes.

    Work around the room in a big circle using your containers, this will help you stay focussed. If stuff is where it belongs, leave it there.

    When you get all the stuff sorted, remove everything (putting them in the right place) that doesn’t belong in the room. Trash out, dishes to the kitchen, laundry out.

    Then do a deep clean of surfaces, that is, dusting at least major areas that are in the path of direct sunlight (where dust particles really show up) so that when you put stuff away, it goes onto a clean shelf or whatever…less to clean around later too.

    Then put the stuff away that belongs in the room that was in the wrong place when you started.

    While you work you can have laundry going, dishwasher humming, etc and take care of loads as they get done.

    Last thing to do is make your bed, and do the floor.